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The Ultimate Closet Solution

$19.00 USD

What if you walked into an organized closet to get dressed each day?

If you’re looking to turn your closet into a wardrobe haven which produces quality looks that are a clear reflection of who you are + where you're going, then you’ve come to the right place.

This start-to-finish guide will give you my step by step process to dive into your personal styling issues that stem from your closet, alleviate consistent closet stressors, cleanse the wrong pieces in your closet, organize your closet space, and more.

Here is what you’ll receive:

·THE CLOSET CLEANSING CHECKLIST: Preparing yourself with the proper tools is critical when it comes to cleansing your closet space. The proper tools are the pieces that will assist with smooth transitions, key organization, and more. The Closet Cleansing Checklist includes the 10 most important tools that I utilize when conducting closet cleansing with all of my clients.

·THE PERSONAL STYLE ANALYSIS: Understanding the habits that got your closet to its current state can be challenging – So, I created a Personal Style Analysis to guide you through your personal style description + goals, your shopping history, what you wear + don’t wear, and more.

·HOW TO SORT YOUR CLOSET CLEANSE GUIDE: You’ll want to have a sense of organization as you go through the process of cleansing your closet. I’ve created a guide on how to sort your closet into specific categories to ensure that you end with the best results.

·CLOTHING QUESTIONNAIRE: There are specific questions that I ask all of my clients when rummaging through their closets to determine whether we keep or get rid of certain items. I have compiled those same questions for you to ask yourself as you sort through your items.

·TAILORING CLOTHING 101: Tailoring clothing is a great way to preserve items that may be ill-fitting or damaged- So, I’ve included a guide on tailoring your pieces, which outlines whether it is worth tailoring or not, pricing, how to find a great tailor, and more.

·SELLING CLOTHING 101: There are certain pieces that may not be for you anymore, but they are certainly great quality for someone else to purchase them. I’ve designed a guide explaining how to sell your items with tactics that I utilize with my clients.

·HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET GUIDE: Organizing your closet properly can determine whether you can locate items, see all of your pieces, and how you’ll get dressed each day. The organization guide will walk you through the categories that you should be placing your clothing in as you move through your cleanse. This step is KEY when it comes to successfully cleansing + organizing your closet space.

·30 – DAY CLOSET PRESERVATION CHALLENGE: Cleansing your closet is one thing, but changing your mindset about your closet is another. I’ve created a 30 – Day Closet Preservation Challenge, which will push you to utilize items in your closet, to keep your space clean, to plan your outfits weekly, and more.

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