Meet the Founder

I’d like to think of style as a state of mind - Something that starts with your internal thoughts of yourself + those of the people you come in contact with. 

I believe that clothing can be used to speak before you open your mouth, to convey specific messages and develop a story that leads to perception. Understanding what to wear is one thing - Dressing to exude confidence, to bring cutting edge and to be remembered is another. A part of building your brand, solidified image, or simply your self-esteem starts with your wardrobe - And, it has to be amazing to make a difference.

My mission is to provide luxury styling services that are ongoing, stress free and convenient for your particular lifestyle. You should feel stylish + prepared for anything that comes your way - From a client meeting to dinner with the girls. While in our hands, we’ll focus on doing the wardrobe work for you to ensure that you can handle the rest with confidence.

It’s time to add another layer to your life - One that makes you look + feel great.

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