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Dress for the Part.

You're here for a reason. Most women are so busy with their day to day lives, being corporate hustlers, rockstar mom's, or thriving entreprenuers - And, we understand. We've created each service with care to give you something invaluable back - your time. So, when you think about your personal style, know that we'll be there with you every step of the way. We ready to take on all of the wardrobe, styling and organizational tasks that you're ready to delegate. Why? Because you shouldn't have to feel guilty, rushed or frustrated when it comes to looking + feeling your best.

Style Fixes (One-Time Services)

The entry-level styling options for women who are looking for one-time options that elevate + enhance their personal style.

Personal Styling

Let us show you the power of your closet through a personal styling session. We will work 1 on 1 with you to teach you how to maximize your closet through key styling techniques. This is for the woman who has a closet full of clothing + is tired of wearing each item in the same way. Let's remix some things + have some fun.

Investment | $599


Personal Shopping

Does your wardrobe need a spruce up? Maybe for a season change, or possibly just to bring you new joy. We'll assess your closet to determine exactly what is missing. From there, we'll be back with bags of amazing finds that are catered to your needs, that flatter your body and remain within your budget. Sometimes your closet needs new eye candy.

Investment | Virtual $299 | IRL $599

Closet Solutions (Closet Services)

The services that will change your life by addressing the root of your personal styling issues - Your closet. 

Closet Edit

Let's get down to business. We'll assess your closet to determine the root of your personal issues, which could be over purchasing, organization, or utilization of space. Don't worry - We'll be back with our crew of stylists to tackle your closet, along with new closet fixings to complete the styling of the closet. Our goal is to streamline, reorganize and edit your closet space to best suit your future needs. We'll decide what truly works for you, your body type and your image - We'll donate or sell the rest for you.

Investment | $899


Virtual Closet Edit 

We'll get you started with a virtual assessment, where we'll take a peek into your wardrobe space. Drafting a Closet Assessment Sheet is next to give you the step by step process that we'll follow during our session. We'll be back - Virtually - to walk you through editing your own closet from beginning to end.

Investment | $299


Closet Refresh

Have you already experienced a Closet Edit? And, you're possibly in need of closet assistance to keep your space looking amazing? We've got you. We'll come out to refresh your space by rehanging, refolding and styling your closet back to its original state. This service is designated for clients who have already purchased + experienced our full Closet Edit.

Investment | $299

Editorial Styling

The personalized styling while on camera for your personal branding, website, social media or just because.

Eliminate the stress of deciding what colors, prints or styles look good on camera - Because, it actually matters. We'll work to create the desired amount of looks + conduct a full fitting to ensure everything is just right. We'll meet you on set for your big day with clothing, shoes accessories in-hand. Let us take care of wardrobe preparation, removal of tags, steaming and on set styling. We'll ensure you look amazing + that there isn't a stitch our of place.

Investment  | Half Day $499 | Full Day $999

A La Carte Styling

The day to day lifesavers that keep your wardrobe looking amazing, with nothing but you in mind.

Style Look Book

Your personal style is an intricate part of your day. How would it feel to wake up with your look already planned for you? Allow us to take a step into your closet + pre-plan your looks for the week or the month. You'll get your time back each morning by utilizing the Style Look Book. And, don't worry - We'll document each look in a flaylay image, that will be accompanied with styling notes in your look book.

Investment | $599


Travel Styling + Packing

Whether you're traveling to a destination for relaxation or headed a few states over for work, we've got you covered. We'll meet you at home to prepare you wardrobe for your flight. We'll outfit plan, conduct a fitting and pack your pieces based on your itinerary.  

Investment | $399


Tailoring Support

Tailoring your clothes can seem like a hassle, but not with us. We will take you to one of our specific tailors, where we know + trust the work they provide. Allow us to work with the tailor to communicate + execute the proper fit that reflects your body type and style. We'll pick up your items when they're ready + drop them off at your doorstep.

Investment | $99


Dry Cleaning Pick Up + Drop Off | $49

Wash + Fold Pick Up + Drop Off | $49

The Style Society

So, you want to looks to shop from a stylist? We've got you.

The Style Society is a Virtual Styling Subscription, where we craft a personalized selection of shoppable pieces + outfits just for you. You set the intention, the budget and subscription level - We'll get to work. Purchase your pieces at your convenience, while supplies last. The Style Society is a great fix if you're want a wardrobe refresh, starting a new job, or simply needing something new. Unlike other subscriptions, we don't just select the clothes - We style them for you too.

Investment | 5 Looks $199/month | 10 Looks $349/month

High Level Styling

You need a stylist on speed dial for ongoing services, and we're here for you every step of the way.

The High Level Styling Membership is just that - Us meeting your every styling need for six months at a time. Through this exclusive membership, you're in total control of how much or little you receive from our menu of services. We'll check in with you monthyl + weekly to catch any needs that may arise. The High Level Styling Membership includes unlimited text, call and video support. This is perfect for the busy corporate executive, the in-demand entreprenuer, or the sought out socialite. Whatever you need - we're one call away.

Investment | $5000

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