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The Guide to Styling your Body Type

$19.00 USD

If you knew the clear, step by step process to dressing for your specific body type, without the frustration, the daily insecurities, or the momentary thoughts of, “Do I look ok in this?”

Would you feel more confident in getting dressed each day?

We’re giving women....
• The confidence to be themselves, in their own bodies
• The motivation to try what actually works for them
• The comfort to execute daily activities in style
• The self esteem to take on their days

Through this interactive guide, you will learn:

1. The personal + visual benefits of styling for your specific body type
2. How to take your own body measurements + how to find your true sizes
3. How to define your personal Body Type
4. Strategies to highlight your positives and to bring attention from problems areas
5. The in’s and outs of styling each body type based on cut, fit, patterns and color
6. The best pieces that flatter you and your body


1. The Do’s and Don’ts when Styling your Body Type
2. A full clothing size guide

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